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Why Sprout Social?

Build real connection through social

At Sprout, we believe the strength of social is its ability to foster deep, meaningful relationships between people and the communities, organizations and brands that matter to them.

See why real connection matters

We build social solutions that put real connection within reach

Today’s consumers
expect more

They want to speak and be heard.

They want to be entertained and to be educated.

They want to have their needs met without asking.

Social has matured as a channel

Your consumers’ expectations for how you interact on social have also evolved.

We’re at the dawn of a new era



Social started as just another one-way channel for brands to push out their messaging.



Next, it became a vehicle for two-way communication as brands started to see the value of engaging with individual consumers.



But we are in a new era. Consumers want to have transparent, authentic, personalized experiences that make them feel connected to the brands they love and trust.

And the stakes have never been higher


of consumers would purchase a brand after a positive, connected social interaction.

Source: Sprout Social Index, Q2 2017


of consumers would boycott a brand after a negative social interaction.

Source: Sprout Social Index, Q2 2017

Your consumers don’t want to be talked at…

They want to connect

Creating real connection comes down to understanding your consumers’ needs and meeting them there.

Social is the consumers’ world and brands are just living in it



of consumers say they are more likely to be loyal to a brand that commits to full transparency.

Source: Label Insight



of consumers say authenticity is important in deciding which brands to support.

Source: Stackla



of consumers are more likely to do business with a brand that offers a personalized experience.

Source: Epsilon

We’re on a mission to:

Help today’s brands to be open, real and empathetic on social

The buyer journey is no longer linear

Your audience no longer moves towards purchase in a straight line. But social has made it easy for them to interact with your brand in different ways at different points in their journey, and peer-to-peer recommendations mean that their first point of contact with you is often someone they know, not your brand messaging.

Marketing is experiencing
a paradigm shift

The Sprout family of products is designed for the new social marketing paradigm


Full social asset management, workflow/collaboration and publishing tools to transparently tell your brand’s story.


Deep social listening and analytics to access social data for consumer insights, so you know what your audience cares about and where your brand can most authentically engage.


Myriad options for engagement and social CRM that enables you to identify and understand the individual needs of your consumers and provide resources and resolution on their terms.

Our products are built to help you connect


  • Content development
  • Campaign management
  • Distribution optimization


  • Response management
  • Issue resolution
  • Social CRM

Data &

  • Social listening
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Measurement and reporting

Advocacy &

  • Awareness
  • Brand perception
  • Content curation

With Sprout, you get one solution for all points of connection

Creating real connection is our brand’s mission, too

happy customers

World-class brands and organizations of all sizes

Highest average rating

In satisfaction, support, usability and retention (per industry analysts and real user reviews)

Award-winning service

Personalized, quick and reliable customer support

Minimal time-to-value

Get up and running in days, not weeks

Start creating real connection

Sprout Social’s social media management software and solutions help you find, form and deepen connections with the people who love your brand. Let us show you how.

No credit card required. No software to install.